That long awaited intro post

My name’s Philip Arabome. I’m a freshman (broadcast) journalism student (emphasis on sports media) who is originally from Long Beach, California (born-and-raised). However, I spent about three years of high school in Katy, Texas, and afterwards opted to attend Texas Tech. Anywho, I just plan on bettering myself in the mechanics of writing, because I consider myself (arrogantly) to be a “great” writer, although I’m just a mere college freshman. I know I’m not perfect, although my comfort with English has led me to pursue journalism and have with less apprehension in an English class than, say, an engineering or business student. And rhetoric is what was well-referred by a previous classmate as “the great art of bullshit”, which I understand that speaking and writing eloquently and nicely can change the dynamic of any paper I write.


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