• I aspire to be a sports broadcaster. At Texas Tech University, our school of Media and Communication has placed emphasis on multiplatform journalism; therefore, I am being trained in all major forms of media — social, broadcast, print, on camera, off camera, in front of a radio, and so on. Particularly, I have a desire to do sportscasting, but like my mother says, “Don’t be narrow; look around, something else might compel you.” Obviously, heavy requirements of English in our college are supposed to make us proficient and coherent writers. I have realized I’m not at that level, being a freshman from high school being scrutinized by world-class English professors.
  • As of right now, I’m focused on writing the literature review on specific issues in sports journalism. The main challenge is that nobody takes sports journalism as seriously as hardcore news (CNN, Fox News, ABC News and the like), so articles through academic search engines like the school’s library or Google Scholar haven’t pulled up anything compelling for me. I know it’s due in a week, and I hope to find more information to make this paper A-worthy.

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