Reflections and wrap-up

(Apologies for the lateness; this is something I had to find the blog for.)

*English 1302 has been stressful and confusing at times, but it taught me three valuable lessons:

  • less is sometimes more in writing — meaning, don’t try and craft bullshit for good word count;
  • I’m a very good writer when I’m not typing things out at 10:30 pm on Saturday night;
  • English teachers are bigger sticklers for precision in writing than anyone on the planet. (Raider Writer is the reason I have to retake 1301.)

As you can see, I’m still highly sarcastic and sharp in my writing style, which can give some points as well as lose some points. Seeing that this is a blog, I care a little less about the formality of my writing.

*I think I can apply more patience and attention to sources — something I know I lack — in classes (like English) that emphasize how important citation of sources, especially internally, is to the overall text. I usually find them annoying and unnecessary, particularly when I have to insert a quote to prove a point. I’ve learned through this course that backing up claims are highly important, and it requires citing sources that can add strength to my claims, especially in argumentative formats.

*I’m a confident long-story writer. I think sports- and journalism-related topics are the ones I can express myself the most, but the long pieces I had to do for the course received low marks. Obviously, I have a long way to go in making something “good enough” for the highly tough-to-please English crowd. I have no problem with lengthy stories and I think, even if my career has nothing to do with writing papers all the time (broadcast media), it’s still necessary to know effective writing skills to communicate on paper.

*I have zero patience for the particulars of citation of sources, both as an MLA format at the end of papers and inside the text. I hate doing this, especially with the comments that I don’t use “enough” quotes, and when I do, they’re not “adequately integrated” into the paper. It annoys me and I can confidently say it’s my lowest point as a writer.

*Sample from the text: “Since the advent of print media, such as the newspaper or the magazine, the world has relied on the media to compile, distribute and disseminate information we view as relevant to our daily life. With the advent of the 24-hour news channel, such as ESPN, CNN or Fox News, the public demands faster and more accurate news than ever before. The media has expanded its reach from the traditional print and broadcast worlds into the greater ocean of the Internet —  more Americans get their news online (Beaujon 2012, Pew 2012), where sources such as blogs can break a story and make headlines in the established world of mainstream journalism. ”

*Writing overall is a great thing, but obviously it’s been tough in English class. Hopefully, I pass this course and don’t need to take it again, as that would be a major setback in my road to a degree. But returning to the overall point, these two English classes have taught me to be a more careful writer; to defend my point with texts from various sources; to always put quality over quantity no matter the word count; to pay attention to petty grammatical errors (something my mother, who holds a bachelor’s in English, has taught me from childhood); to enjoy storytelling; and to never take an English course on this campus again. Thank you.


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